Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A long absence

Much has happened.

Not that you might know or care. Here's a list.

1. ) Looking for a new job.
2. ) Bought a hybrid Honda
3. ) Family issues are ok.
4. ) Still no new boyfriend

5. ) Still basically an optimist.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Semi-colon

As a grammar teacher, I found this article to be a good way to remind others about correct punctuation. I hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary

1. A return to the 90s era politics.
2. Bill is a loose cannon.
3. She's equivocated every decision in her life. No courage of conviction.
4. She married into it.
5. She's really not that experienced.
6. What will happen when Bill goes off?
7. She will have a much more difficult time winning.
8. She will ignite the Republican base.
9. She's an emasculating type. Ask Bill.
10. She's not the right woman for the job.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Putin Me On

Either Vladimir Putin is planning on hooking up with me this Thursday or Friday in my town, or someone is using his shirtless photo on Manhunt. Whoever is doing this has cleverly cropped the picture from the shoulders on down.
Personally, I might think twice about using his image as my own. He doesn't seem to be the type to have a sense of humor on this.
But, on the other hand, it could be him.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mixed feelings

She was asked to take a week's leave, with pay, for violating a sick leave policy. My initial thought was surprise. How can that be? I always had joked that she was a hypochondriac, but this was too funny, so I had to start off with some smug humor.

I snickered to myself; a wide smile creept across my face. I arched an eyebrow and basked in the glory of being right. When others see what I saw behind her facade, it proves what I have said and thought of her since the early days of our marriage. At the very least, someone has her number there and apparently her boss can't stand her. What a surprise!

But then I sighed, because I knew she probably deserved it. Arrogant and imperious to the end, it's the sort of ending I had hoped I could write, but never dared to even dream about. And still, I won't write it because I know it's not over. She will survive this, at a lesser rate of pay in a different job (another snicker).

Now she can focus on another guy who fucked her over.

Some things never change.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Chat night

Just a random chat from one of the sites: Welcome to how to spend a cold, winter night.

allspaw: Hi Marlin, theres a lot of hate in the
chat tonight...sure you want to be in
here? lol

maloon: i never pay attention to it. rarely
talk there

allspaw: good thinking.

maloon: bunch of little boys

allspaw: I know.

maloon: have a good weekend?

allspaw: yes...I started a painting
project...still have a ways to go but it
looks great.

maloon: ah, in the house?

maloon: or art

allspaw: house...all the moulding in the LR
and a couple of doors.

allspaw: Nothing is original to the house or I
wouldn't do it

allspaw: I'm not an artsy guy so no

maloon: ah. never know

allspaw: Yeah I suppose I could be creative
just as much as another.

maloon: your're right

allspaw: what does maloon mean?

maloon: old nickname, kind of a joke. and

allspaw: Marlin = Maloon..........I can see
that. allspaw is what I came up with
for a personalized lisence plate years last name had too many
letters so I came up with this...its how
my last name is pronounced but not

maloon: ah. you ever see the one that was

maloon: for a license plate?

allspaw: no I haven't

maloon: yes, a guy, on here had that

allspaw: surprised the state would make it

maloon: they finally asked for it, said it was
reported as "obscene"

allspaw: lol

maloon: all true

allspaw: I believe you...I wouldn't have the
balls to ask for one like that

maloon: it was fun to see

maloon: I say hello at the bar once in a
while to him.

allspaw: appears to be a nice looking man.
What is your type?

maloon: hard to say, really,

maloon: prefer them smart, funny, warm,
can cook, clean, etc. employed,

maloon: the list goes on I guess, but it
includes enjoying each other's

allspaw: sure...good things to look for.

allspaw: the last one I'd say is very

maloon: yes. after the sex. lol

allspaw: lol very much so

maloon: and that's hard to do long term

maloon: requires more than sticking your
dick out, it's sticking your heart out
there, too.